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Road transport in Europe

It is all about road transport in Europe

OROS Group is a European road transport company. Road tansport by truck is the only and main service we provide. It is Easy to Trust our service because of regular quality control. Head office in Lithuania Vilnius city is heart of all commercial operations. Offices in Lithuania Klaipėda and Belgium Antwerpen drive all our operations.
Road transport


Road transport in Europe. Between Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark we transport full truck loads every day. Our fleet of trucks consist of mega trailer, jumbo trailer, temperature controlled trailer, finished vehicles transportation trailer. And we do it with strict daily control of every truck. To load on time and deliver on time is most important game of the day.

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Excellent communication

Quick communication is standard at OROS Group. In road tansport business quick and reliable information often is crucial. This is our promise for all our customers in Europe. That is why it is Easy to Trust OROS Group.

Target industries

We target those clients who need mega trailer, road train, thermo regulated trailer, finished vehicles transportation truck. Mostly these are companies with high production capacities.

Reliable and secure

European road transport sector is demanding for complete quality. Thus, every our truck and driver are set up according all regulations. Drivers are regularly updated with safety instructions. On time deliveries we have 96,8%.

Contract or Spot

Both. OROS Group is ready for commitments. As well, daily bargain is our reality. We understand road transport sector in Europe is organic. However, in both cases at every step we seek for qulity which is Easy to Trust.