For Carriers

Work for carriers in Europe

Contract carriers are importan part of our road transport service performance. To cover bigger contracts we offer work for carriers in Europe. We do all to create sustainable relationship with transport partners. Just on time payments, fair rates and friendly support on the way is our promise. 7 Years history proved sustainability and stability of OROS Group in this manner. This value already benefited all parties: customers, carriers, us.

Carriers who are dedicated for quality road transport performance we invite to join our fleet. Requirements for equipment are standard for European market. But our requirements for service quality are out of discussion. Carriers who are dedicated to pick up and deliver orders on time are welcome. One of the key factors for long term cooperation is good, clear and quick communication. Having this in place we can serve European customers properly, sustainably and trustworthy.

OROS Group financial health is certified by credit bureau Credit Info. Thus, cooperation with OROS Group in road transport business is safe and reliable.

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